Saving Lives

I love animals–especially dogs, horses & cats.  So naturally I’ve always had some of each.  A few years ago, two of our old dogs died–they were born 5 months apart and they died 5 months apart, each at exactly 16-1/2 years of age.  So I decided that instead of purchasing a puppy, I would rescue a homeless dog.  So, I went to and started shopping.

I challenge you to use the link and put in a few details of a dog you might like.  See?  There’s like a million pages of dogs just like the one you want.

Shortstop in his Petfinder Mugshot

Eventually I found two dogs–one a mixed terrier/hound pup that I flew home with from Nashville, TN, and one a three-year old Jack Russell Terrier from Ohio that I rendezvoused in Harrisburg, PA to pick up.  But what I also found is a huge bottomless pit of need at the various shelters and rescues I visited; some on the web, and some in person.  And I found selfless volunteers and overworked directors and endless numbers of these shelters and rescues in every corner of every state.  If you want to save some lives; adopt a dog or a cat or a horse.




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